The open return-reuse system for coffee-to-go

Coffee means living and lifestyle. We even like to enjoy our coffee on the move. But disposable cups cause tons of waste and harm our environment. Therefore we developed an easy way for sustainable coffee-to-go with a special reusable cup – THE GOOD CUP

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Order your coffee-to-go

THE GOOD CUP is available at many outlets like cafés, bakeries and petrol stations for a small deposit.

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Enjoy your coffee

THE GOOD CUP can be used at least 500 times; the cup is dishwasher safe, 100% recyclable and made in Germany.

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and get back your deposit

THE GOOD CUP can be returned to all participating outlets.

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Cleaner cities

Littering is being reduced drastically by the success of the return-reuse system. Cities become cleaner and more enjoyable.

Save resources

The return-reuse system is much more efficient than disposable cups. Tons of water, oil, wood and energy can be saved.

Set an example!

The return-reuse system by CUPFORCUP is the modern and sustainable way of enjoying coffee-to-go. Take a stand for ecofriendly living.


The Good Cup - wiederverwendbarer Becher für Coffee-to-go
dishwashersafe at least 500 times
material: Polypropylene (PP) = 100% recyclable
developed in cooperation with baristas
ergonomic design and easy to stack
fits with standard lids (80mm/90mm)
BPA*-free, without PAHs*
made in Germany
THE GOOD CUP is available in barista sizes



  • fits with standard lids (80mm/90mm)
  • barista sizes (200ml/300ml)
  • solid, brake and scratch-save
  • thick walled for perfect insulation
  • food safe and neutral in taste
  • easy to clean due to perfect weight and design
  • dishwashersafe up to min. of 500 usages
  • special bottom plate for easy drainage
  • with stacking aids to avoid blocking and vacuum
  • rounded brim for better drinking experience
  • special surface for enhanced grip
  • engraved symbol for easy recognition

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Start offering the modern and sustainable way for coffee-to-go. Make the right choice for your customers and the environment.

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Business catering

You are running a cafeteria and would like to offer the new sustainable way of coffee-to-go? Working with facilities managers, catering companies and in-house teams, we service in-house cafes, canteens, restaurants, coffee points. You can become part of the open return-reuse system or run your own customized return-reuse system – it’s up to you!

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Initiatives and festivals

We support and consult initiatives which want to organise a return-reuse system for their town or region. We also provide customised cups and communications for festivals or events.

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Municipalities and communities

You want to set a sign for sustainability and ecofriendly living? We are developing individual solutions for your town or region. We also provide you with customised cups and communications. Start your campaign with us and get rid of single use cups!

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